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Can A Pregnant Woman Exercise?

A pregnant woman can maintain a regular exercise routine throughout her pregnancy period. This can help the pregnant woman stay healthy and also be at her best during this period.

One other important benefit a regular exercise gives a pregnant woman is that it improve her posture and reduce most of the discomforts pregnant women face during pregnancy. Exercise can help them to relieve stress and also build much-needed stamina for labor and delivery. 

Can every pregnant woman exercise?

Although every pregnant woman must exercise during pregnancy, those with some health issues should stay away or consult their doctors before doing so. Pregnant women with health problems like diabetes, heart diseases, and asthma are strongly advised to stay away from some form of exercise since it can harm them and the pregnancy as well. Pregnant women with pregnancy-related issues like weak cervix, a record of early births, recurrent miscarriage, low placenta, and spots are also advised to stay away from exercising during pregnancy.

Which exercise is advisable for a pregnant woman?

Almost every exercise is safe to undergo during pregnancy if only the pregnant woman does them with caution and does not overdo them. There are several safe exercises for pregnant women to do. Some of these activities include brisk walking, swimming, step machines, aerobics but supervised by a certified aerobics instructor. Most of these exercises do come along with some minor injuries but also provide the pregnant woman with many great benefits. Jogging can also be done during this time but should be moderate in other to not affect the pregnancy.

Which exercise should a pregnant woman avoid? 

Well, not just the exercise that can be harmful to a pregnant woman but also some activities that are performed during the time of pregnancy can be very harmful. Some of these include; 

  1. Sporting activities like football, soccer, basketball, etc. these activities demand a lot of human effort and contacts and can be dangerous as well. 
  2. Holding your breath during any activity
  3. Exercising in hot or humid weather conditions
  4. Twisting of the waist movements while standing
  5. Bouncing while stretching. 

Above all, it will be great to consult your doctor before engaging in any sort of exercise.


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