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Who We Are

Newnesscare Inc was founded in pursuit of ultimate nutritional healthcare.

We have been setting examples in the field of nutraceutical business. Our commitment to ensuring the well-being of people has set us on the path of meeting all nutritional the demands of the current market in healthcare and the nutritional needs of people. We take care of people’s health through our commitment, compassion, and hard work. The consistent quality of our products made by well-reputed professional scientists has made us a people’s No. 1 choice for nutritional supplements

Our Value

Pursuit Of Excellence Through Premium Quality Products And Promoting Healthy Living.

We know for your health what it takes to deliver the finest results possible for your health.
Our Vision

Ensuring healthy living for our customers and making a difference in people’s lives.

Our Mission

Contributing to the well-being of society, focusing on family health by providing the best nutritional support solutions through our scientifically researched products.

Nutritional Healthcare brings
our global specialized nutritionist
to share the values of healthy living

Our Commitment

We have you covered with nutritional supplements from Conception to Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, Nutraceutical and General Wellbeing.


Driven by our dedication to ongoing enhancement, productivity, and safety, we envision to make difference in health-care.


Our work is based on transparency and honesty with no compromise on the quality of ingredients.


With a sense of pride in our products, we maintain a continuous drive for innovation and allocate resources to research and development to improve the quality of our products.


Collaboration with our teams and dedicating our energy to new ideas is our key to success. We focus on our enhancement through continuous collaboration.

Why choose

Why choose Newnesscare ?

Optimal nutritional support for every stage of pregnancy.

Our unique products addresses the growing demands in today's changing markets.

Nutritional support for the whole family and general wellbeing.

We offer help and friendly advice for you and your family.

How It Started

Eight years ago, we started as a nutraceutical company in Toronto, Canada. Newnesscare is a family-owned business with a specialized agenda to promote general health with our nutraceutical products. From the beginning, we had this vision to help people relinquish their unwanted health problems and maintain health for the entire family. Our priority was to promote general well-being with our well-formulated scientifically proven supplements. We also prioritized our company products focused majorly on providing therapeutic solutions for pregnant women and allowing them to have a healthy pregnancy.

How It’s Going

Today, Newnesscare is a well-reputed nutraceutical company with an outlet in Ghana and headquarters in Canada. Our scientifically approved high-quality general health supplements/products help maintain a healthy life. Our pregnancy-related products have achieved a milestone in promoting the health of women at every stage of life and specially treating their pregnancy issues to ensure healthy and happy pregnancies. We are researching for more improvements to grow our horizon for the betterment of your health.

Newnesscare Experience

All across Canada our customers remained satisfied with our products and showed gratification after using them. The majority of people have benefited from our products to maintain their ideal health. Pregnant women have also avoided complications and undergone healthy pregnancies by using newnesscare products.
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